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Consulting with Purpose

Ubuntu Educational Services (U.E.S.) provides holistic, affirming, and culturally responsive supports for scholars and their families that require supports in education through special education or a 504 plan. U.E.S. also offers scholars and their families non-BCBA functional behavior analysis, restorative justice supports, College and career readiness, transition planning. U.E.S. provides resources for educators in mindfulness in the school setting, meditation and breath work exercises for student and faculty well-being, the latest research in special education, cultural responsiveness, mental health in schools, academic strategies, social/emotional and behavioral support strategies, IDEA policy and implementation, and more.

What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is a compact term from the Nguni languages of Zulu and Xhosa that carries a fairly broad English definition of “a quality that includes the essential human virtues of compassion and humanity”. Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected president, in a preface to Richard Stengel’s Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage (2009), encapsulated the many interpretations by calling ubuntu an African concept that means “the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievements of others”.
It is with this understanding, that all students are human and capable of learning, that Ubuntu E.S. roots its practice and supports.


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